CASSIE Teacup Yorkie  was started a few years ago as a small family Yorkie breeding program that focuses on health, temperament and socialization. Our dogs are first and foremost beloved family pets. They receive high quality nutrition, great care, lots of love, affection as well as training and stimulation. But our vision was much bigger than that. As some of you know we worked hard for the past few months at researching and vetting out different breeders. We finally narrowed it down to a few who we felt comfortable with and know have the same vision of producing healthy Yorkie Puppies. So as of November 2019, the puppies on our website will not be only bred by us directly, but also by our group of Morgans breeders.

We’re passionate

About what we do, but more importantly we understand the frustrations of searching high and low while trying to avoid scams and puppy mills alike. We work diligently to ensure that we are following the best Yorkie breeding practices and work extra hard to make sure your future family member is healthy & socialized to fit your specific family’s needs. After getting one of our Yorkie  puppies we offer life-time support when it comes to caring and raising your new Yorkie or multiple Yorkies.

Why We Do It

We started Cassie Teacup Yorkies because of what we saw as a lack of transparency and the proliferation of scam artists taking advantage of people when they are most vulnerable.  The goal is to make Cassie Teacup Home a website where every potential Yorkie adopter comes and feels completely comfortable and at peace with knowing these puppies were raised in real homes with loving people that are passionate and want to improve the overall health of the breed. We are completely transparent about which puppies were bred by us directly and which came from other breeding homes. After you take the puppy home you are put in direct contact with the original breeder and can send them updates, ask questions and form a relationship. They care about the placement of their babies and would of course prefer to keep in touch and watch their little Yorkie grow.